Do it yourself! – Candle Holder

Hey everyone! Sometimes I am very creative and I would like to share my ideas and projects with you. This time I made a candlle holder of birch!

selfmade candle holderI love to make things by myself. Of course you can buy picture frames, candle holders or other living accessories in a shop but if you’re honest home-made things are very lovely and often easy to make as long as your fingers aren’t all thumbs (I hope this idiom is correct *lol*)

Actually this idea is from my parents .. I just copied it 😛 I love to do handicrafts and this was a perfect idea as an easter gift. All you eed are 4 smaller tree trunks of different length  (e.g. birch like I did), 4 longer screws, a hot glue gun and decoration material (e.g. flowers, butterflies).

Firstly you need to make holes on top of every tree trunk. Luckily my boyfriend gave me a helping hand. We used a power drill and tried to mill the holes (diameter: 4 cm; depth: 1 cm). If I’m quite honest it was a little bit complicated but we managed it 🙂 Then I used a hammer to level the bottom of the holes for a safer standing of the tealights. Afterwards order the tree trunks in the right position and fix them with longer screws. Finally stick your decoration material on the tree trunks by using a hot glue gun and you’re finished. For decoration I used little flowers and butterflies made of wood which I painted in yellow and a bright red.

I hope you like this idea and that I could give you a little inspiration for being creative. Wish you lots of fun!

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