Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring (II)

And here’s my second entry for this week’s photo challenge.  As soon as the temperature rises outside people are coming out of their houses and apartments to enjoy the beautiful weather. I took this picture in a park last Saturday. I needed to take a rest just for half an hour .. and so did many people with me. And that’s what makes springs so beautiful to me: you don’t need to wear thick jackets anymore or gloves, you can have a coffee outside in a café and the kiddies can play on playground again.

Spring in the park

Spring in the park

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring (II)

  1. This looks almost exactly like the park outside my previous workplace in Melbourne! What an uncanny resemblance. I agree with you – in spring we don’t have to wear thick jackets or layer up clothes. It makes running and rushing around easier 😉 It’s almost winter here in Melbourne and it’s cold, so enjoy your spring!

    • Hey Mabel .. I will definitely enjoy the spring in Germany even when it should be cloudy the next days. But the weather forecast expect an early summer at the end of May with up to 27°C. I hope it’s not too cold in Melbourne. When I was in Sydney last June there were still about 18°C which was totally great because it was winter on your side of the world 🙂

      • 27’C sounds amazing. Hope it will be sunny and not humid, because if it’s not that comfortable if the weather is hot and humid. It was around 15’C today in Melbourne, and it will be single digits tonight. Brrr. Hope summer will be great in Germany too. I hear you guys have nice ice-cream 🙂

      • Usually it’s not hot and humid. But it feels very hot because we live in the middle of Berlin. The buildings absorb the heat of the sunshine and also give off heat. So it’s always a few degrees warmer than in the outer area of Berlin. Luckily the city is very green. There are heaps of parks and many lakes around the city to relax and get refreshment.
        We shall have nice ice-cream? I didn’t know that we are famous for our ice-cream. People always swear that we have the best beer in the world! But yes I know some places in Berlin where they sell delicious home-made ice-cream 🙂

      • If the buildings absorb heat, that means they are well-insulated buildings, good for winter. Berlin sounds a lot like Melbourne, which has parks and trees in the city.

        I’ve heard Europe has the best ice-cream in the world, even better than Australia. There’s a lot of gelato stores here…but I prefer the ice-cream as it’s more creamier and I hear your part of the world has more of that 🙂

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