Do it yourself! – Name Plate

name plate for good friends of mineHello everyone ..

Last week it was time for another ‘Do it yourself!’ project. Good friends of mine moved into their family home a few weeks ago and invited us to their house-warming party. They didn’t want to receive any gifts but I had an idea 🙂

I made a name plate for their house door. (Hopefully this is the right word for it?!)

I used a small flake board as underground and covered the surface with gloss varnish which is water and weather resistant. Than I coloured the small wooden letters in a bright red and let them dry. Later I covered them with the varnish too. In a crafts store I bought this little cute green fence and the white blossoms made of cotton. To fix everything on the surface I used my hot glue gun. At the end I painted these two birds on top of the fence with acrylic paint and covered them with varnish. Finally I drilled two little holes through the flake board at the top and fastened a ribbon so that my friends can hang up the name plate.

Hope you like this idea and that I maybe inspired you for doing something similar 😉

PS: My friends don’t live in a villa .. this is just a joke among friends.

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