Thursday Special: After the rain

It’s a strange summer so far: warm, sunny and humid in the morning and heavy rain and thunder storms in the afternoon. Summer rain can be a great experience when it’s warm outside and then it starts raining but the temperatures doesn’t cool down. I love the smell after the rain, the clear and fresh air. I took this photo with my mobile phone two days ago when I cycled home after work in the evening. Luckily it stopped raining and I didn’t get wet. 🙂

After the rain

3 thoughts on “Thursday Special: After the rain

  1. This is a lovely shot. If you hadn’t said it was summer, I would have thought it was taken in winter. Maybe it’s because of the cool colours and the cloudy sky. Hope all is well, enjoy your summer. Winter is very cold and windy in Melbourne. I could do with some summer weather right now to warm up 🙂

    • Hahaha .. if it would have been winter there would be snow somewhere 😉 In winter season temperatures can fall under 0°C. That’s why we usually have snow. But I have the feeling that the winter season is getting warmer each year except of last year. But as you know I skipped winter season last year because I was in New Zealand at that time where it was summer 🙂 I just know from my family and friends that it was the longest, coldest and darkest winter for decades. Winter can be beautiful if it’s icy cold with snow, sunshine and a clear blue sky. But usually winter in Germany is often grey, dull and misty.

      • I am sure this year you’ll be able to experience a snowy winter and capture all its glory with your camera. You might get a cold winter, who knows 😉 This winter in Australia is very dull, grey and wet. Raining and windy almost every day. It’s hard to go out and take photos. But whatever the season, all seasons are beautiful in their own ways 🙂

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