Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

I had a great idea in my mind for this week’s photo challenge. I wanted to take a picture from an old couple who are married for ages and still love each other like on the first day. True love between a man and a woman! But unfortunately I couldn’t find a couple to photograph. I suppose it is very difficult to find a happy old couple sitting on a bench in a park holding hands in a city like Berlin.

Instead I had to seek for another picture which suits the topic. Maybe I’ll find a couple within the next days .. I keep my eyes open 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

This is my contribution this week: a church tower between a row of houses. I took this picture in Rome. Hope you like it 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Me and my boyfriend have been in Rome in January this year .. some of you will remember 😉 As an European girl the Roman Empire is kind of part of our history. And if you ever have the chance to visit Rome than don’t miss the Coloseum.

It was simply impressive to stand in front of the biggest amphitheatre of the world with its massive and thick walls. For me it’s an amazing historic monument. No wonder that it is listed as a World Heritage Site. When you stand inside the Coloseum and close your eyes .. you can still hear the cheering crowd watching gladiatorial contests .. the clangour of the weapons when they clash together .. the screaming and shouting of the Gladiators .. sweating .. fighting until their death.


Beyond all expectations

Hello there, finally I managed to sort out all the pictures of my city trip to Rome. It was kind of my birthday present. Like every year me and my boyfriend do a city trip over an extended weekend to celebrate our birthdays. And this year we chose Rome (just because the flights to Lisbon were too expensive). It was an amazing Holiday and I fell in love with Rome immediately. I suppose everyone who has been in Rome before does know why 😉 It’s such a beautiful city .. full with ancient history and ruins! I had no real expectations .. I just wanted to spent a nice Holiday but this trip was beyond all expectations 🙂

Have a look on your own and enjoy the pictures.


Back from Rome

Hi there everyone,

I’m so sorry that I didn’t write a single post last week. But as you will see on my upcoming pictures I was in Rome for a city trip and it was really amazing! Rome is such a beautiful city especially in the evening when everything is enlightened. I will post some Pictures soon but let’s start with this one .. with a stunning view over Rome from the Basilica di San Pietro.

Basilica di San Pietro