Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

“For this challenge, share an image of a sign: it can be a sign near your home — a comforting sight after a long journey — a sign that doubles as art, or other types of signs that hold meaning for you.”

Red and yellow speckles in the trees and falling leaves – signs that summer is over now and autumn rules our life for the next three months. I took this picture today when I went for a walk with my boyfriend through the park Humboldthain near our apartment. Hope you enjoy this entry.

Signs for Autumn

Signs for Autumn

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Extra

What a great challenge this week! So much room for interpretation LOL We should share a photo with a little something extra. My contribution to this week’s photo challenge has an extra touch of colour 🙂 I took this photo in New Zealand at Farewell Spit the South Island’s most northern point.

Sand dunes at Farewell Spit in New Zealand

Actually it was a cloudy and rainy day and me and my boyfriend didn’t expect that the weather will change. But the long and high sand dunes looked so inviting for a walk that we couldn’t resist. Only one or two hours later the weather cleared off and the sun broke through the heavy clouds every now and then. It was wonderful especially cause we seemed to be the only ones on the shore .. no more footprints than our owns. Later I captured this moment when the evening sun shed light on the sand dunes which gleamed in a bright yellow colour which gave this photo the special extra.