Olé olé olé olé ..

Can’t believe what happened yesterday evening! 7:1 against Brasil! Amazing! And here is a picture how millions of people celebrate our soccer national team in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate!

Wish you good luck guys for the final! We believe in you!


Oh what a day ..

I was .. or actually I’m still sitting in a train for more than 12 hours. I had a job interview today in Niefern .. a rural village in the southwest of Germany .. 655 km away from home. 6 hours one way by train .. luckily an ICE a very fast train which has a speed up to 300 km/h. I’m exhausted and tired .. just from sitting in this train. But the Job interview went very well .. only that it lasted 3 hours which I didn’t expected and so I missed my train which I booked in advance. So I took the next one and will be home in about 3 hours at 11:30 pm tonight

Hope you all had a better start into this week!


Back from Rome

Hi there everyone,

I’m so sorry that I didn’t write a single post last week. But as you will see on my upcoming pictures I was in Rome for a city trip and it was really amazing! Rome is such a beautiful city especially in the evening when everything is enlightened. I will post some Pictures soon but let’s start with this one .. with a stunning view over Rome from the Basilica di San Pietro.

Basilica di San Pietro